Lindsey Emporium




Crystals are living formations of energy and vibrations.  They generate, conserve, radiate and amplify electromagnetic energy: they have lain within the earth’s magnetic field for millennia.

The aura that surrounds the physical body is invisible but carries extremely subtle vibrational signals. Crystals are powerful tools that can enhance your energy.


To cleanse your crystals; hold under running water visualising white light and then place them in the afternoon sun to recharge.  Alternatively, you can also place them in water with Himalayan rock salt, smudge with White Sage or place outside on a Full Moon night. 

After cleansing, hold the crystal in your hand and ask that it is attuned to your own unique vibration and be blessed with the highest energies of the Universe.  With intention program the crystal,  it can be as simple as to be dedicated to your self-healing and abundance.